Welcome to MySmartHeart

Patient mit Holter 2.0: Position 2 - normale Brust (z.B. Männer)

MySmartHeart helps patients to reliably collect ECG and movement data over an individual period – ranging between a few days to several weeks.  The data gathered from patients is provided online for the attending cardiologist. Our ECG sensors, also known as ‘Patch- Holter’, are easy to use and comfortable to wear during sleep, work and sport.

As the first company in Switzerland, we provide technical and logistical support which simplifies the use of small, smart ECG-sensors for patients and cardiologists.

Cardiologists and patients can rely on the following services of MySmartHeart:

  1. Monitoring the quality of ECG data on a daily basis
  2. Providing direct support for patients in case of any difficulties
  3. Keeping the logistics and supply chain easy for cardiologists and patients
  4. Allowing cardiologists access to an ECG-Portal with intuitive, efficient tools for data analysis as well as almost real-time available ECG-data
Elektroden mit und ohne EKG-Sensor