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Since 2013, we have been developing a unique ECG examination service in close cooperation with practices and clinics. We are the first company in Switzerland to offer an all-round service for outpatient Holter ECG examinations lasting up to 30 days.

Digital ECG examinations for your patients and your team are simple and efficient.

Our solutions make recording and evaluation convenient and time-saving, even for longer examinations. The focus is on the rapid availability of meaningful results.

Our team

for many years successfully in contact with patients, practices and clinics

Gian-Luca Pfenninger

Business development

Michèle Schlegel

Customer Relationship Marketing

Amanda Muff

Business development

Paulina Geers


Christian Geers

Board President / Founder

Nora Frei

EKG team

Deepika Sharma


Aaron Schmidt

Application manager

Katja Locher

Clinical Services
EKG team

Daniel Luis Reginato

Business development
EKG team

Dr. Thomas Billeter

CFO / founder
EKG team

PD Dr. med. David Hürlimann

Medical Advisor / Founder
EKG team

Wolfgang Werner

Data protection / quality management officer
  • Expert in regulatory frameworks
  • Quality management and data protection