MySmartHeart offerings

MySmartHeart provides attending cardiologists with ECG devices, timely transport and extensive reporting. Patients can either position the ECG sensors at home or have them put in place at the office of the cardiologist. Our competent customer support is available to patients in the event of any problems. This not only results in a very pleasant testing process (for both patient and physician) but also saves valuable time through the pre-analysis provided by our ECG technicians.

And there are still other advantages:

  • Flexible testing duration
  • Continuous ECG data collection
  • Small ECG sensors on an electrode patch known as ‘Patch Holdersª’ are easy to apply and comfortable to wear while sleeping, working or exercising.
  • There are no patient restrictions (sports, swimming, etc.) for the patient
  • The easy positioning makes it possible for patients to switch out the patch on their own without loss of signal quality
  • The long-lasting electrode patch remains on the skin for up to 7 days
  • Measurements of between 1 and 3 discharges
  • Attractive payment model without investment
  • Medical device certified by FDA and CE.
  • Straightforward collaboration with medical offices and clinics: Pay-per-Use model, no amortisation, no installation, no additional memory, simple logistics and comprehensive

The centrepiece of our systems: The BodyGuardian MINI

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BodyGuardian systems

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The ECG platform: PatientCare 2 – Cutting-edge technology

Cardiac arrhythmia can be easily overlooked when data volume is high. PatientCare was developed for use with the BodyGuardian MINI Sensor. It is a self-administered, highly automated, cloud-based, HIPPA-compatible platform with uses that include rapid and independent collection, interpretation and administration of patient data in real time

Now you can analysed your ECG readings quickly and reliably. Use PatientCare to monitor your patients and analyse clinical research data.

Simple procedures, high efficiency


You can register the patient at our portal.


Delivery* of the BodyGuardian MINI kit with return packaging

*during the COVID-19 crisis, the kit can be sent directly to the patient at no cost (BodyGuardian MINI HOME)

Return and upload

At the end of the testing period, the patient returns the ECG sensor and kit to MySmartHeart

Data access

You receive an updated report and access to the raw data.

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Data security

Intuitive und effiziente Datenauswertung

MySmartHeart transmits patient medical data to clinics and physicians’ offices. Data is encrypted for transfer via mobile network. MySmartHeart saves medical data in pseudonymised format and automatically erases the information after 360 days.

For security reasons, medical data are kept separate from patient names and stored in separate systems (pseudonymisation). Only the physician’s office and/or clinic and MySmartHeart are able to access both systems and associate the medical data with patient names.

Prior to testing, patients authorise the office and/or clinic and MySmartHeart to process their data. This consent is required for the office and/or clinic to evaluate the medical data. Only then can MySmartHeart directly contact and support patients.

  • MySmartHeart complies with the Swiss Data Protection Act (Schweizer Datenschutzgesetz – DSG) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Separation of medical data and personal information into separate systems (pseudonymisation)
  • Server architecture in Switzerland and Europe
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Encryption of the data transmission