The offer from MySmartHeart

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MySmartHeart helps patients manage the collection and transaction of ECG- data over any length of time. We also make it easy for cardiologists to access their patient’s ECG- data

  • Small ECG- sensors on electrode plasters, also called ‘Patch- Holter’ are easy to handle and comfortable to wear during sleep, work or sporting activities
  • Daily verification of the data acquisition and accuracy, including technical support in case of any difficulty during the monitoring period
  • Regular updates on the progress and condition of the data collection
  • ECG- and movement data are available for cardiologists at any time on our online portal
  • Patients can mark symptoms by the touch of a button on their monitor. For cardiologists, this is a great help as it provides a correlation between ECG data and symptoms of the patient
  • Our Medical products certified by the FDA and CE
  • Fluid and easy cooperation between doctors’ offices and clinics; ‘pay per use’ model and no amortization
  • The offer does not require any extra data storage or software installation as MySmartHeart will set everything up independently for you

Holter 2.0 – BodyGuardian-Kit

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BodyGuardian Kit ohne: zweiten Sensor und Kabel

A BodyGuardian-Kit consists of two ECG-sensors (one for daytime and one for the night), one monitor charging cradle and power cord, one Smartphone for the data transmission with a charger and the electrode patches.

Operating is made simple, so that Patients can change the sensors and patches at home. In addition to the easy use of our sensors, we monitor the data quality on a daily basis. If we recognise any technical issues or handling errors, we contact the patient directly and provide further assistance.

The combination of only one strip electrode together with our support, the BodyGuardian-Kit allows a safe and accurate ECG recording over a period of several days or weeks.

Our field of work

MySmartHeart allows for long and flexible investigation periods in an attempt to close the disparaging gap which previous ECG- Holter and invasive- sensors sustained. With this offer patients and cardiologists receive a reliable service for the detection of cardiac arrhythmia and the follow-up of ablations.

How the BodyGuardian Kits work:

MySmartHeart Serviceablauf
MySmartHeart Serviceablauf

Regarding our data-security

Intuitive und effiziente Datenauswertung

MySmartHeart transmits medical data to the attending clinics. The data transmission is encrypted and transferred via Sunrise’s mobile network. MySmartHeart pseudonymises the medical data, which are saved on Swisscom servers located in Switzerland and will automatically be deleted 365 days after the end of the monitoring period.

Medical and personal data are saved in separate systems for security reasons (pseudonymization). Only the doctor, clinic staff and MySmartHeart can view both systems in order to connect the medical data with personal one.

Before the examination period, patients authorise MySmartHeart to work with their data. Their consent also allows MySmartHeart to call patients directly in order to ensure reliable and valid data.

  • Medical and personal data are saved in separate systems (pseudonymization)
  • Medical data is erased 365 days after the end of the monitoring period
  • Encrypted data transmission