Why MySmartHeart?

We are the first company in Switzerland to run a service, which makes it easier for patients and cardiologists to use small and smart ECG- Sensors. We control the quality of the data on a daily basis and help the patients in case they have any questions or if something can be corrected or improved.

This type of ECG detection is made possible through innovative technology and an unobtrusive electrode plaster. Hence, the process is possible without restricting the quality of the patient’s sleep, work or sporting activities.

Any duration of research is possible – ranging from just a few hours to multiple weeks.

MySmartHeart works with partners in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S.A in order to make ECG recording simpler in everyday life. Our most important partners you will find under Partners.

Advantages to you as a patient:

Previous systems

  • Low patient acceptance – technology with multiple cables

  • Complicated handling – complicates data acquisition over long periods of time

  • Limited wearing comfort – uncomfortable when sleeping and doing sports

  • 3 channel ECG

MySmartHeart Systeme

  • High patient acceptance – simple, convenient and small

  • Patient can mark event on the sensor at the touch of a button

  • Recognition of ECG data by self-learning algorithms – Deep Neural Network (DNN)

  • 1-3 channels ECG

  • Recording of the activity

  • Data retrieval in almost real time

  • Always flexible examination times

Testing procedure:

  1. Your clinic/physician’s office contacts us.
  2. Your clinic/physician’s office distributes the ECG sensors and return box to you – or the kit is directly shipped to your home.
  3. With your consent, MySmartHeart assumes the technical monitoring of your data and provides support on request.
  4. When testing is concluded, you simply and convenientlyreturn the ECS sensors to MySmartHeart using the prepaid box.