Why choose MySmartHeart?

As a first company in Switzerland, we provide technical and logistical support which simplifies the use of small, smart ECG-sensors for patients and cardiologists.

We check the data quality on a daily basis and provide assistance to the patients in case they have any questions or something can be improved.

This type of ECG monitoring is made possible through innovative technology combined with a tiny and hardly noticeable electrode patch. It is possible to conduct the process without restricting the patient’s quality of life. It doesn’t affect the sleep, work or sporting activities.

Any duration of the monitoring period is possible – ranging from just a few hours to multiple weeks.

MySmartHeart works with partners in Switzerland, Germany and the USA in order to make ECG monitoring simpler in everyday life.

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Your advantages as a patient:

Investigation Procedure

  1. The attending cardiologist registers you at MySmartHeart.
  2. The attending cardiologist hands out the BodyGuardian-Kit with a return label.
  3. After you your given approval, MySmartHeart will supervise the ECG data quality.
  4. At the end of the monitoring period you return the BodyGuardian Kit by using the return label provided.